5 Tips for Storing Furniture

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As anyone who has renovated a home will attest to, the renovation work itself is only half the battle. It’s a huge project and can wreak havoc on your life, but what about your belongings? Your house is full of meaningful possessions that need to stay safe during a reno, and storing furniture is no easy task.

It’s relatively easy to find places to store those smaller furniture items, but large ones can pose a challenge. The big comfy couch with room for eight, or perhaps that antique dining table passed down through your family. You’ll want to find a safe space for storing this furniture until your renovation is complete.

Self-storage units can be a great option for storing those tricky items during your home renovation. Planning ahead with some of these tips can make this part of your renovation smooth and stress-free.

  1. Clean everything

Particularly with valuable pieces, it’s advisable to clean furniture before storing it. Thoroughly dust each item and wipe it down with an appropriate cleaner. Brass items can be polished to avoid oxidation during storage. To prevent discoloration, ensure all items are completely dry before storing them away.

  1. Disassemble pieces

Where possible, disassembling your furniture can be helpful. Not only does it make transport simpler, but disassembled pieces also store easier and can save space in your storage unit for other items. Be sure to wrap the parts together, put small pieces into a Ziploc bag, and label everything. Omitting this step can set you up for a headache when your renovation is over.

  1. Plan your space

This one is for Tetris lovers. Having a clear plan for storing furniture in your unit space can be a lifesaver. In addition to making it easy to unpack and ensure everything fits, it also allows you to easily locate items mid-renovation. Rather than searching around, you can refer to your plan and pinpoint the location of the item you need.

  1. Wrap your items

While the position in which you store your furniture can help mitigate damage, always take extra care to ensure each item is carefully covered. Using soft quilts can prevent scratches, while padding on corners can ensure nothing gets chipped or broken. Chair and couch covers can be a great way to keep dust, dirt, and stains away from the fabric, while shrink wrap can help keep furniture like dressers, tables, and chairs safe. Ensure mattresses are well protected with a sealable mattress bag.

  1. Don’t forget the floor

Storage unit floors aren’t always friendly for storing furniture. Using a heavy plastic sheet to line the floor before moving your items in protects both the floor and the furniture, and also makes it easier to slide items around the unit.

Not all self-storage facilities are equal

Your items is valuable, so choosing a facility that offers climate control and strong security is key to storing furniture safely. Be sure to use a disk style lock to secure your unit, as they are difficult to break. It’s also a good idea to check for leaks, as even a small amount of liquid running into your storage unit can spell trouble.

A completed renovation is cause for celebration. Doing your research and planning ahead will help ensure the big home reveal isn’t tainted by damaged furniture.

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  1. Tiffany Locke

    Your advice to properly clean and dry your furniture before storing it would be useful. I also like your advice to plan out where you’ll put everything in the storage unit in order to easily locate everything. If you know the size of the furniture you plan to store, it would probably help you figure out which size and type of unit will work best so you can choose a storage facility and then plan everything out so that it’ll be safe.


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