FAQ Friday: How do I choose a self-storage facility?

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There are lots of questions surrounding self-storage. On Fridays we break down one frequently asked question to help make navigating the self-storage process a bit easier for you.

storage unit, self-storage, choose self-storage facilityA quick Google search brings up a dozen self-storage facilities nearby your home, but how do you know which one is right for you? There are a few key factors that should play a big role in helping you choose a self-storage facility.

Easy access

First, consider the location. You want easy access to the facility, so be sure you choose a self-storage facility in close proximity to your home or office. Ensure the facility has convenient access hours. Many, like Iron Vault, offer 24-hour access to your unit and belongings.


You’re storing your items to keep them safe, so look for squeaky-clean self-storage facilities. Don’t forget to ask about pest control. The best self-storage businesses contract professional pest control companies to carry out seasonal programs. Moths and mice can cause severe damage to tenants’ belongings. It’s just not worth the risk.

Take a tour

We recommend taking a tour of any facility you’re interested in. In addition to checking out the unit sizes, be sure to look for video surveillance. If you’re not sure about something, ask! A worthy self-storage facility will have great customer service, so staff should be happy to address any and all of your questions. If you happen to see other tenants during your tour, feel free to ask them how they like their unit.

Compare costs

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention cost. Compare various facilities to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. Note that while one facility may appear cheaper, it might lack some of the details that are important to you—strong security, climate-controlled units, and 24-hour access, to name a few.

At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for self-storage needs. Make a list of the things that are important to you, and visit a few self-storage facilities to determine which one best meets your needs.

2 thoughts on “FAQ Friday: How do I choose a self-storage facility?

  1. Jeremy Thompson

    Thanks for the interesting read on how to choose a self-storage facility! I like how you mentioned, under “Cleanliness”, that it’s important to remember to ask about pest control. That is because moths and mice can be an issue if they don’t have a plan. I’d be sure to remember your tips, especially on taking a tour to have a feel of the location. I’d like to have a self-storage facility since my wife keeps hoarding a lot of sentimental items for her and the children. It would be a great middle line for us to meet up for her mementos.

  2. Ashley Maxwell

    Thanks for your tip to make sure that you choose a storage unit that is clean and tidy. I appreciate how you said htat they should also be easy to get into when needed. My husband and I are helping friends move, and they are looking into self-storage facilities to use during this long process. We will pass on this post to them.


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